April 2 – Day 3 in the North Coast

  • We only have the bus for 12 hours each day (because of health and safety rules for bus drivers) and today we plan to use the bus for almost 100% of this time
  • The bus CANNOT go over 12 hours, which is why we have planned a tight schedule for the day
  • This means, please be on time in the morning and for all of the departure times
  • Otherwise, we will have no choice but to make fewer stops for sightseeing

6:45 AM – Arrive at CHSS

  • Andrew’s advice (the bus driver)… The road is winding at times – and we are in a school bus – so if you are prone to motion sickness you may want to come prepared (with Gravol or Advil)
  • Bring food and water for today (for both you and your twin) — you will need food and water for the long bus ride, including for lunch (the first time you can buy more food will be around 6 PM)
  • Please also pack the following…
    • Sleeping bag for you and your twin (2 sleeping bags)
    • Pillow for you and your twin (2 pillows)
    • Sleeping pad for you and your twin (something soft for the hard, cold gym floor) (2 pads)
    • Change of clothes for a total of three days (Tues, Wed, and Thurs)
    • Warm clothes, rain gear, sturdy shoes, etc. for hikes (layers, prepare for all seasons)

7:00 AM – Bus leaves CHSS (we will board as students arrive, so please come prepared and ready to board before 7:00 AM)

  • We have planned short rest breaks during the drive (these will be along the side of the road)
  • First stop: Nisga’a Museum
  • Third stop: Restaurants in Terrace (fast food, take out, bring back to the school gym)
  • Fourth stop: School gym (for overnight)

Once you are unpacked and set up, small groups of students can go on approved outings to Terrace. Students must be in a group and a chaperone must be assigned to the group. Students may not be alone at night in downtown Terrace. We will go over these details in a check-in at the school.

An optional movie will be shown to the group staying at the school. Other optional activities may be planned as well.

  • Lights out: 10:30 PM (we wake up 8 hours later)

Mr. Kertes is an English teacher in Prince Rupert, in the territory of the Ts’msyen, at Charles Hays Secondary School - home of the Rainmakers.