End Racism in Education: Prioritize affirmative action in teacher education, recruitment and retention, and raising the professional voices of teachers of colour and Aboriginal teachers.

White people, like me, talking about racial justice is fraught with difficulty because no matter what we say or do, we can’t really understand what we are talking about. That’s why representation is so important, why having voices of people who directly experience anti-Black racism be in the room, at the table, and in positions of power when the critical decisions are made.But representation is never enough, in part because it can easily slip into the painful trap of tokenism.

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Teaching in a Pandemic: A teacher’s reflections on the first week back.

I hope that with the right preparations, resources, and leadership we can all expand a safe and productive reopening of classrooms and schools in B.C. But not all employers are putting in the needed measures and the government’s plan falls still short on the standards of practice, approaches to assessment and reporting of student learning, safety measures, and in the provision of needed health and safety equipment, such as N95 masks and face shields for teachers and other educators.

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Why teachers and students should be provided with masks, N95 respirators, face shields, and other PPE now.

When I wrote a letter a couple of weeks ago to the BCTF Executive Committee requesting that the BCTF take the lead in developing professional standards for teachers and public schools, I did this for two reasons. First, I believe that the BCTF should lead as a union of professionals. We are the sole professional…

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Thank you, BCTF, for bringing the advice back to the advisory committees.

The BCTF is bringing back its advisory committees in their full form, as committees that can pass motions and provide formal advice to the Executive Committee. This return to member engagement through the committees promises to break down any “communication bubbles” that may have formed during the early days of COVID-19, when everyone had to…

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The BCTF should lead by setting professional guidelines for schools on COVID-19.

The following letter was sent to the members of the Executive Committee on May 21. Given that the BCTF has suspended its advisory committees from providing advice (even HSAC) during COVID-19, I sent the letter directly to the Executive Committee, rather than work through regular channels as a member of the Professional Issues Advisory Committee….

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