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Why I just purchased my own face shield and masks for the return to school this September.

On Tuesday I put in an order for face shields and masks. Why? First, because, apparently, if not purchased by me, then who would do this? Unlike teachers in other parts of North America, BC teachers are, for the most, on our own when it comes to the provision of PPE, engineering barriers, and other protections at work. While other essential workers, such as grocery store workers and bus drivers, are rightly provided plexiglass and other barriers, teachers all need effective safeguards suitable for our kind of work.

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Ten lessons learned from AIDS to help us through COVID-19

I knew about ACT UP (the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, a grassroots network of activists) before coming out. Coming out right after graduating from high school, I soon gravitated to its direct action and in-your-face style of activism, in part because I read a book by one of its founders, Larry Kramer. Kramer considered government neglect of the pandemic genocidal; the collective embodiment of hate as indifference.

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Summer writing plans

This will be my first summer at home in a long time. For the past few summers I have been either in graduate school in Nanaimo (for the in-person part) or visiting my parents in the United States. With the degree finished and COVID-19 border restrictions in place, my travel plans for this summer are now limited. As of now, Ron and I have no plans for travel outside of weekend trips in the immediate region. (The original plan: A month in Ireland with my mom and aunt. And then a month in Scandinavia with Ron.)

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