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The “blended” model won’t work for B.C. schools, so let’s simply adapt the current (pre-pandemic) system to COVID-19 and then make individual accommodations for the students who need them.

Under the “blended” dual-model approach, teachers are expected to teach using two (or more) platforms (i.e. in-person at school, remote-online at home) and to do this simultaneously. Moreover, for this to work at all, teachers must build both systems, essentially from scratch, at the same time as we are expected to teach using the two models. This is unworkable.

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Teaching in a Pandemic: A teacher’s reflections on the first week back.

I hope that with the right preparations, resources, and leadership we can all expand a safe and productive reopening of classrooms and schools in B.C. But not all employers are putting in the needed measures and the government’s plan falls still short on the standards of practice, approaches to assessment and reporting of student learning, safety measures, and in the provision of needed health and safety equipment, such as N95 masks and face shields for teachers and other educators.

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