Eng 9 Feb 14 Update – What’s next…


  1. Format matters from now on. If work is not formatted correctly, you will be asked to redo it. Be sure to double space and leave the margins empty. Also be sure to include your name, class, and date. Everything must be stamped. Most work is done in class, but if you work at home have it stamped each day as you work through the process.
  2. Daily work and routine continues. There is almost always a speed write, reading of “The Outsiders”, and reading of your YA novel. This work is required daily work. It must be formatted correctly.
  3. Homework continues. Homework is usually due every Friday.
  4. Quizzes continue. There is usually a quiz every Monday. We go over the quiz material on the Friday before almost every week.
  5. Films are required. If you are absent on a film day, you must watch the film during Mr. Kertes’s Homework Help, on a Catch-Up Afternoon (SPT Interview Early Release Days), or Make Up Day.
  6. Make ups are almost every Monday – from 3:15-5:15 PM in room 308 (Mr. Kertes’s Homework Help). (Please schedule with Mr. Kertes if you plan to attend.)


Expository Essay Details

  1. Product
    • 3 section paper (8-11 paragraphs) (there is a shorter option)
    • The essay must explain an idea (about love, any kind of love) with a neutral presentation of supporting ideas and evidence
    • Use all Levels of Analysis, apply systems-thinking, use all Five Fs, and work through the Six Stages process (see below for more on the process)
    • One thesis (relates to the topic of love)
    • Theme must connect to the course texts
    • Must use theory to explain how or why using rigorous and systematic thinking
    • Must use some of the sources (generally you will use 3-5 sources)
  2. Sources (generally you will use 3-5 of these sources)
  3. Process
    • Work through and document (take notes, write drafts, write learning stories, provide proof of each step) the Six Stages of Writing:
      • Wondering
        • Read: The Promise, Haida Gwaii, Unrequited Love, One Good Man, Funeral Blues, The Laundry Basket
        • View: Romeo and Juliet, All Is True, Shakespeare in Love
        • Take rough notes of all the above texts (readings, films, etc.)
        • Take rough notes of other texts (your choice, from the list above)
      • Preparing
        • Make a Focus Funnel
        • Choose your theme, topic, subtopic, focusing question, thesis, key ideas, and title
        • Choose a several key texts and take detailed notes (or connection/reflection/description summaries)
      • Planning
        • Write an outline
      • Drafting
        • Write a rough draft
      • Revising
        • Revise the rough draft with 2-3 more drafts (re-write the entire paper 2-3 more times)
        • The final draft will be in pen and will be correctly formatted
      • Publishing (not required)


Mr. Kertes is an English teacher in Prince Rupert, in the territory of the Ts’msyen, at Charles Hays Secondary School - home of the Rainmakers.