Eng 9 – Feb 23 Work Packet

On Feb 23 we will start working on the next steps for the expository essay.

Download the Work Packet for the Wondering + Preparing + Planning Stages of the Essay

We will work on the above packet in class on Feb 23. This will include time for individual help and for conferences to help students work through the packet as they start on the expository essay.

We prepared for this work on Feb 20/22 and Feb 21 (and during most classes since the start of the semester, as all readings and films covered so far are tied to the expository essay assignment). If you were absent, look at the white board photos or meet with Mr. Kertes either on a work day (in-class) or after school on most Mondays (until 5:00 most Mondays). Be sure to schedule an appointment if you plan to stay after school so that Mr. Kertes can confirm that he will be there on a particular day.

The expository essay is due Mar 4. If it is not at least partially completed, your grade will be IE (insufficient evidence) until you have at least partially completed the essay. An informal progress report will be provided on Mar 4. It will be emailed home if your grade is IE.

There are two Catch Up Afternoons. These are on the early release days from 12:30-3:00 on Mar 5 and Mar 7. Students who have not yet at least partially completed the expository essay are expected to catch up on the essay on the early release days.

The Mid Term Exams are Mar 11-15. The expository essay must be at least partially completed for you to start the Mid Term Exam. You must also view the three films. Be sure to attend a make up session if you missed one or more of the films. There will also be a Make Up Day provided on Apr 22.

Here are some of the readings for the expository essay:

Mr. Kertes is an English teacher in Prince Rupert, in the territory of the Ts’msyen, at Charles Hays Secondary School - home of the Rainmakers.