English 9 Feb 6 Update

  • How do you write a textual analysis essay?
  • How do you develop a focusing question?
  • How do you find filler?
  • How does focus/feeling connect with the LOAs?

Today we:

  1. Viewed the following clips:
  2. Discussed how to develop a focusing question for an expository essay and textual analysis essay.
  3. Wrote reflections on why Shakespeare wrote plays and why we still view his plays to this day.
  4. Discussed the LOAs of connection and reflection, especially in terms of today’s film.
  5. Discussed these themes in relation to the film:
    • Reading between the lines
    • Reading as time travel
    • Reading as mind-melding
    • Love (romantic, friendship, family)
    • Power
    • Relationships
  6. Viewed the film “All Is True”. The make up for the film is Monday Feb 12 from 3:15-5:15 PM in room 308. All films are required.
  7. The make up for the quiz yesterday will be on Monday Feb 12 after school. Please schedule an appointment if you plan to attend this make up. All quizzes are required.
  8. Reminder: The next homework is due on Friday Feb 9. You can view the homework here: https://tomkertes.ca/category/english-9-homework/. All homework assignments are required.

Mr. Kertes is an English teacher in Prince Rupert, in the territory of the Ts’msyen, at Charles Hays Secondary School - home of the Rainmakers.