Meeting on Apr 26 at Lunch

  1. How We’ll Keep in Touch
  2. Fundraiser Event Overview
  3. BC Ferry Form
  4. Community Service Sign Up
  5. Information Form and Fundraising Faction Meet Ups

How We’ll Keep in Touch

  1. GROUPS There are two groups: Debate Team and Outdoor Club. Each student is assigned to one of the two groups. You do not need to be an actual member of your “group” as this just says who your primary chaperone is. During the trip, your check-in person is your primary chaperone.
  2. FUNDRAISING FACTIONS There are four fundraising factions: Faction A, Faction B, Faction C, and Faction D. Factions A, B, and C are random. Faction D is PRMS only (plus the PRMS coach). For each faction, one student is chosen (by the students) to be the Main Contact Person for the faction. Your faction plans fundraisers together and does the set up and clean up as a group working together. The faction is also responsible for certain roles during the fundraiser.
  3. TIME MANAGERS There is one time manager for each group. Turn in your community service and fundraiser time sheet to your group’s time manager. The manager tracks that everyone does their fair share of the work. (The time manager role counts as 4 hours of community service.)
  4. SUNDAY UPDATE TEXT OR EMAIL You will receive a weekly update with links to any new blog posts every Sunday evening. You are responsible for reading the updates. We do our best to limit the text or email to just once a week. We also do our best to limit meetings to only those scheduled in advance. (This is by text unless you do not have a text number. If you do not have a text number, enter 0 for your cell number on the info form.)
  5. ACADEMIC CARD Academic cards start 3 weeks before the trip. Pick up your card from the table outside of room 308 every Monday (anytime after 8:35 AM) starting April 29. They are due May 3, May 10, and May 17 by the end of lunch (12:13 PM). Turn your card into the box outside of room 308. Do NOT turn your card into the office. Do NOT hand your card to Mr. Kertes or Ms. Prohaska. Send a text or email to Mr. Kertes at or 778-884-5343 if you will be late getting your card in (do this by the deadline). Late or missing cards, especially without communication, may result in the next person on the wait list being moved up and you losing your space on the trip. (You should start your academic card even if you are on the waitlist.)
    • What if I cannot get my card signed because the teacher won’t sign it? Ask for help. You can attend (optionally) homework help on Mondays in room 308 for additional help. The chaperones can work with your teachers to provide supports. But you need to want this help and need to ask for it first.
  6. MEETINGS You must attend the mandatory meetings and if you miss them, you may be moved to the waitlist and another student on the waitlist may be moved up. Communication if you have a conflict helps but attendance is required so attending trip meetings should be your priority. The mandatory meetings are:
    • Friday April 26 at lunch
    • Monday May 6 with parent/guardian AND student from 7:00-8:00 PM
  7. EVENTS The fundraiser is a mandatory event that all participants must attend. This includes set up, helping at the event, and clean up. Everyone must arrive for set up and everyone leaves at the same time. The event builds community, supports access for all students to participate, and provides time for chaperones and students to build a working relationship in advance of the trip. There are two other fundraisers that your faction also organizes. These are just for the members of your faction. The main fundraiser is for all trip participants and will be at this day and time:
    • Friday May 10 (set up 3:30-5:00 PM, meet in room 308 to start) (event + clean up 6:30-9:30 PM)

Students are responsible for communication with their parent/guardian about this trip. We only send three group emails to parents/guardians. All other communication should be directly between you and your parent/guardian. The only group emails that we will send to families are: (1) Reminder email the day before the parent/guardian meeting, (2) Reminder email the day before the fundraiser, and (3) Reminder email the day before the trip.

Fundraiser Event Overview

  1. Look for the update on Sunday April 28 with links to the poster and other information about the event.
  2. Each faction is required to sell at least $700 worth of tickets. For example:
    • 25 adults + 8 children tickets sold as a faction
    • 15 children + 22 adults tickets sold a faction
  3. For your faction to achieve its goal, figure that each should should sell about $150 worth of tickets.
  4. The key is number of people who attend, not just amount of money sold. Focus on getting lots of people to attend as this helps us meet our fund raising goal.

BC Ferry Form

  1. See the form here.

Community Service Sign Up

  1. Community service is voluntary and optional. If you decide not to do this, the travel fee is $400. .If you do the community service, the travel fee is reduced to $150.
  2. The role of Time Manager counts as 4 hours of community service.
  3. For this trip only, the time for community service is reduced to 4.5 hours. See the form for details on dates and times.
  4. The form is here.

Information Form and Fundraising Faction Meet Ups

  1. Fill out the information form. The link is here.
  2. Meet with your fundraising faction. Choose your main contact person.
  3. As a group, decide on the date for your bake sale. Your faction must promote and run this on your own as a group.
  4. As a group, decide on your date to a table outside of Save On or Safeway. Look for the Sunday update with a link to the letter to the business. Your group must schedule this with the store.

Mr. Kertes is an English teacher in Prince Rupert, in the territory of the Ts’msyen, at Charles Hays Secondary School - home of the Rainmakers.