Open letter to the members of the government’s Education Steering Committee on COVID-19

The government formed an Education Steering Committee on COVID-19 to help prepare for the safe reopening of B.C. schools during the pandemic.

Be sure to read and help edit the Google doc, based on the open letter below, with professional check-lists for members of the Education Steering Committee during COVID-19. All teachers are invited to add their priorities and guidelines to this open call for ideas and principles for the committee. View the doc here (includes information on how you can help edit the doc).

The following open letter calls on committee members to focus on the following principles when providing advice and feedback to the government:

  1. Apply a racial justice and reconciliation lens
  2. Apply both a professional and student advocacy lens
  3. Recognize and support the different roles of public health and public education
  4. Prioritize student safety and apply an occupational health and safety lens for staff
  5. Prioritize equity and access for equity-seeking and vulnerable students
  6. Be specific and insist on accountability, transparency, and preparation
  7. Defend the integrity of public education during COVID-19

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