• Why the OECD’s education agenda matters to students, communities, and teachers in British Columbia
    • SOURCE: “Navigating” transformation: Education 2030, teachers’ unions, and spaces of resistance (BCTF)
    • LINK: View here or PDF
    • DATE: October 2019
  • Why teach with integrity in public education?
    • SOURCE: Masters Thesis (Vancouver Island University)
    • LINK: View here
    • DATE: 2019
    • FROM THE ABSTRACT: Given that students are compelled to attend school in British Columbia and the legacies of colonialism, including cultural genocide, the author asks the question: Is it moral to teach in the public-school system? read more


  • For Chief Gidansda as for Dr. King, authority has roots in respect (Haida Gwaii Observer, April 28, 2017) PDF
  • Growing a fair economy for Haida Gwaii (Haida Gwaii Observer, April 21, 2017) PDF
  • Reconciliation Pole points the way forward (Haida Gwaii Observer, April 13, 2017) PDF
  • Standing up for love and dignity (Haida Gwaii Observer, February 11, 2017) PDF
  • Why Silence Still Equals Death (The Tyee, June 14, 2016) Link
  • Three Labour Lessons from the Teachers’ Strike (The Tyee, September 19, 2014) Link
  • Why Teachers Fear the Worst of Clark Government (The Tyee, September 10, 2014) Link
  • With Teacher Contract, Clark Could’ve Lifted Women Workers Up (The Tyee, July 1, 2014) Link
  • Education Minister Masters the Art of the Impossible (The Tyee, June 24, 2014) Link
  • Baltimore Worker Center Says Tourist District Shouldn’t Grow on Poverty Jobs (Labor Notes, March 12, 2010) Link
  • Common Purpose, Uncommon Approach (Indypendent Reader, Spring/Summer 2009) PDF
  • Let’s Not Get Organized by Barack Obama (Indypendent Reader, November 17, 2008) PDF
  • Civil rights worth it (Cheney Free Press, April 2, 1987) Link


  • Prince Rupert Labour Council votes in new members with vision for the future (The Northern View, June 27, 2020) Link
  • School is back in session, but it’s leaving some feeling exposed (CBC Radio Daybreak North, June 9, 2020) Link
  • Prince Rupert teacher wants BCTF to push employer to supply face shields and N95 respirators (Georgia Straight, June 3, 2020) Link
  • Prince Rupert to conduct review as city downgrades boil-water advisory (CBC News/Canadian Press, January 25, 2019) Link
  • Citizens steam as boil water advisory in Prince Rupert enters fifth week (The Star/Canadian Press, January 19, 2019) Link
  • ‘An alternative exists’: the US citizens who vowed to flee to Canada – and did (The Guardian, February 1, 2016) Link
  • ‘Gender pay equity’ an uphill battle for UBC child care workers (The Tyee, December 13, 2012) Link
  • UBC Childcare professionals seeking parity wages, bargaining at impasse (BCGEU, December 11, 2012) Link
  • Union members gather to rally around child care equity issues (The Ubyssey, April 27, 2012) PDF
  • Workers unite for human rights (Baltimore Sun, October 26, 2008) Link
  • More Americans heading North (The Star, August 6, 2007) Link

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