Teachers’ professional check-list and guidelines for members of the government’s Education Steering Committee during COVID-19

Teachers are invited to join the conversation and help develop a check-list for members of the government’s Education Steering Committee. Last week the government announced that schools would fully re-open in September, if safe to do so. The government announced that it would form a Steering Committee to help prepare for this. The BCTF submitted representatives and these representatives will be meeting with the BCTF table officers on July 2nd to prepare for the committee’s work.

Teachers can help inform this process. Professional guidelines based on principles can be applied at all levels of preparation and planning. These principles focus plans on protecting student health and well-being, protecting staff occupational health and safety, providing equitable and universally accessible education, adapting schools to be safe during COVID-19, and providing individual accommodations for students – based on need. The safe reopening of public schools in September supports education and is essential.

Join the conversation: Visit the Google Doc here.

If you want to edit, send an email to tomkertes@gmail.com. All BCTF members are welcome to edit, add, comment, revise, and be heard.

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