Tom Kertes

I am a certified teacher in BC and an Early Childhood Educator. I have over fifteen years of teaching experience – working with students from preschool to college. I taught high school in Haida Gwaii and I am currently a middle school teacher in Prince Rupert. I am the volunteer Executive Director of Reader’s Way Learning Centre Society, a not-for-profit tutoring centre that will start offering tutoring in reading in the fall of 2022.

I’ve lived in the North Coast region of BC for seven years and currently live in Prince Rupert – the territory of the Ts’msyen. Before moving to Daajing Giids and then to Prince Rupert, I was a preschool teacher at UBC Child Care in Vancouver. I was a college instructor of Early Childhood Education at Seneca College in Toronto and a policy advisor to Ontario’s self-regulatory College of Early Childhood Educators.

I was co-owner of Puget Sound Learning, a full-service tutoring centre, where I specialized in supporting struggling readers and writers. This was located near Seattle, WA.

I was born in Ellensburg, WA – on the territory of the Kittitas, who are now part of the Yakama Nation. I moved to Canada in 2007 with my now husband Ron. Ron and I married in 2009, on our tenth anniversary, when we lived in Toronto.

I have a M. Ed. (Educational Leadership) from VIU, B. Ed. (Indigenous Perspectives in Education) from SFU, B.A. (Psychology) from the University of Washington, and Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Langara College. I served on the board of the Early Childhood Educators of BC Society. I present on early literacy as a keynote speaker and workshop presenter was founder of the Liberation Learning Project. 

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