Rainmakers Debate Team Captains Update

We will start Debate Team captains. The election/selection process will be on October 11th, during the first Pizza Debate. You can be nominated without going to the Pizza Debate. If you cannot attend the Pizza Debate, please be sure to let Mr. Kertes know that you want to be a captain before the Pizza Debate.

There are six captains:

    • Elected by all debaters at the first Pizza Debate of the year
    • Any team member can be nominated and you may nominate yourself
    • There is a secret ballot and two debaters (drawn randomly from Grade 11/12 debaters) plus the coach are the scrutineers
    • The scrutineers must agree to not share the vote totals with other students
    • One captain for each squad (Thunders, Lightnings, Counsels, Stormers)
    • Squad members may each nominate one other member of their squad (no self nomination)
    • The coach selects from the nominations – based on:
      • Consideration given to the number of nominations (level of support from squad members)
      • Overall balance of the captains in terms of time commitment to debate (there should be a range from little involvement to lots of involvement amongst the captains)
      • Rotating through leaders over time (so that more students can learn by being a captain)
      • Viewpoint diversity, teamwork, and leadership skills
    • The Coach’s Captain is the Middle School Coach, as the coach is a Grade 9 debater who is selected by the high school coach (Mr. Kertes)

The captains choose (as a group):

  • A chairperson to run their meetings and to run the SD52 Junior Debate Tournament
  • A secretary to keep records of the the captains’ meetings
  • A treasurer to keep track of volunteer time and money spent (receipts, etc.)
  • A social events planner to be in charge of the social events (with help from the other captains)
  • Two Pizza Debate planners to be in charge of the Pizza Debates (with help from the other captains)

The Captains are in charge of:

  • The Pizza Debates
    • Every 2nd Wednesday of the month from 4:30-6:00 PM (October to May)
    • Order the pizza, plan the food
    • Choose the resolutions
    • Run the debates, speeches, cahoot, etc.
  • SD52 Junior Debate Tournament (grades 4-8)
    • Thursday Feb. 29th
  • Team Socials (see the posters below for naming clues)
    • Stormers’ Mid Year Pizza Party (at PRMS) – Dec. 15th (time TBD)
    • Winter Homecoming Party – Wednesday Dec. 20th (time TBD)
    • Year End Debate Team Party for PRMS – Apr. 27th (time TBD)
    • Garden Party – Wednesday May 1st (time TBD) (this is the year-end event and when the MVD is announced – see below on the MVD)
  • Choosing the BTS of each tournament or major event
    • The BTS is the “best team supporter” for each tournament or major event
    • The captains will choose the BTS at the end of each tournament or major event – there is only one BTS for each event
    • The captains will come up with the criteria and process for making this choice
    • A captain cannot be a BTS (in the year when they are captain)
    • You can only be a BTS once per year
  • Social activities at Debate Team tournaments and major events
    • Thunder and Lightning Debate Tournament – Nov. 6th
    • Northern Lights Debate Tournament – Jan. 20th
    • SD52 Junior Debate Tournament – Feb. 29th
    • North Coast Regional Model Parliament – March 9th
    • CHSS/PCS Student Mock Trials – April 27th
  • Choosing the MVD
    • The MVD is the “most valuable debater” of the year – this is the highest honour that the team bestows on a debater
    • The captains will choose the MVD at the end of the year – there is only one MVD in that school year
    • The captains will come up with the criteria and process for making this choice
    • A captain cannot be the MVD (in the year when they are captain)
    • The MVD will be announced at the Garden Party (April 17th)

Mr. Kertes is an English teacher in Prince Rupert, in the territory of the Ts’msyen, at Charles Hays Secondary School - home of the Rainmakers.