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Mid Term Final Update

The next test for the Mid Term Final is the in-class writing test. For this test, you will write an expository essay that is focused on an idea common to all three of the films. This essay is not about the films. Instead, it is about an idea. You will then develop the idea, using examples that include the films and other texts.

The original plan was to have a memorized portion focused on key terms. Based on the progress on Monday, I changed the test for Part 2. You will now start with a 20 minute speed write that reflects your knowledge of the system for writing an essay, including the 4 subsystems and the related cognitive tools. You do not need to memorize the study guide for this. Just come prepared to discuss your writing process and plans for the expository essay. We did this for classes that started on Tuesday and it worked well.

Friday’s schedule is changed, too. Instead of doing the key concepts test, you will have more time to work on your in-class essay test. At the end of this, you will write another speed write that demonstrates that you know how to use the systems, models, frameworks, and cognitive tools for writing an essay. We will do a new test (focused on the key concepts) on Friday April 5.

The April 5 Key Concepts Test will not change your grade for Term 1. It will be a Term 2 test, even though it’s done before the start of Term 2. That is because you will benefit from doing a required preview test for when you will need to complete the key concepts test for the Unit II Test and the Final Exam – but it’s too late in Term 1 to make this test change your grade. The timing for assessing the key concepts is all that has changed – these are still required concepts for the course. We will wait until April 5 to focus more on memorized understanding of the key concepts. Until then, we’ll focus on using the writing process to write an essay.

Here is the schedule for the rest of the week:

Period 2/4

  • Wednesday – Start the in-class writing test (speed write + essay work time)
  • Thursday – Work on the in-class writing test (essay work time + conferences)
  • Friday – 60 minutes for the in-class writing test + 20 minute speed write (key concepts)

Period 1/3

  • Wednesday – Work on the in-class writing test (essay work time + conferences)
  • Friday – 60 minutes for the in-class writing test + 20 minute speed write (key concepts)

EFP 11 Feb 26 Update

Today we started the actual drafting of the expository essay. We reviewed the writing process and system of writing (Five Fs, LOAs, Systems-Thinking). We wrote our theme, topic, subtopic, focusing question, theory, and thesis for our expository essay. On Wednesday we will continue writing the paper. Mr. Kertes will conference with each student on Wednesday.

The rest of the week is writing focused. We will work all period on the essay on Wednesday and Thursday and half of the period on Friday. On Friday, we will review for the Mid Term exam in addition to working on the expository essay.

EFP 11 Feb 22

We read The Promise and A Million… (see below). Earlier we read One Good Man. Tomorrow students will read The Laundry Basket and My Conversations with Canadians. We will use these texts, plus the films from the first three weeks, to find and develop a theme for the expository essay. From there, you will choose a sub-topic (related to the topic of “place in EFP literature”) and develop a focusing question, thesis statement, and three supporting ideas. We will do this on Friday Feb 23. The packet for this will be posted after Feb 23.

EFP 11 Feb 21 to Feb 23

Wednesday Feb 21

  • Read “Keeper’n Me”
  • Learning story – What we did to prepare for the expository essay
  • Read “Haida Gwaii” by Thomas King

Thursday Feb 22

  • Read “Keeper’n Me”
  • Theories of narrative – King , Maracle, and Bruner
  • Short stories: The Promise and Laundry Basket
  • Start the expository essay
  • Read Novel Study

Friday Feb 23

  • Read “Keeper’n Me”
  • Preparing stage of expository essay
  • Read Novel Study


EFP 11 Feb 8 Update

  1. We watched the film “Edge of the Knife”. Films are required “readings” and are part of the essay assignment. Expect questions about the film on the tests and exams. If you missed today, you may make it up later in the term. The make up for this week’s film is Monday Feb. 12 from 3:15-5:15 PM.
  2. We finished reading “One Good Man” by Sherman Alexie. We started to write about how Alexie explores the them of “place” in the story.
  3. Homework is due tomorrow. We will go over the quiz for Monday as well.

Mr. Kertes is an English teacher in Prince Rupert, in the territory of the Ts’msyen, at Charles Hays Secondary School - home of the Rainmakers.