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Eng 9 Feb 26 Update

Today we:

  • Continued The Outsiders novel study reading
  • Looked over the calendar and adjusted some of the due dates
    • The expository essay is still due Mar 4
    • The short story report is now due Mar 8
    • The poetry reflection report is now due Apr 5
    • You must view the film before you can start the Mid Term Exam
      • Watch it in class (attend class on the day of the viewing)
      • Watch in homework help (most Mondays after school, be sure to schedule this), on a Catch Up Afternoon (12:30-3:00 on Mar 5 and Mar 7) or on a Make Up Day
      • Watch at home (get parent/guardian note + write 5-paragraph summary essay of the film)
      • Watch during test day and then make up the test during homework help, catch up afternoon, or make up day
    • You must have at least partially completed the expository essay before you can start the Mid Term Exam
  • Went over the study guide for the Mid Term exam
  • We did not have time to go over narrative theory, so this will not be part of the expository essay (we will cover this on Friday so that you can use this part of the cognitive toolbox for the next essay, including for the Mid Term exam in-class essay)
  • Completed Quiz 3
    • What are the levels of analysis?
    • What is metacognition?
    • How is metacognition used in this class?
    • Who was Lev Vygotsky?
    • What are the levels of the “ZPD Target”?
    • Draw the ZPD Target and Cognitive Toolbox.
  • Completed Homework 4
    • Write a 3-4 sentence summary of the article on Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” song.
  • Completed Speed Write 13 (Metacognition)
  • Completed Speed Write 15 (Expository essay idea)

Here are photos from the board:

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